Workshop Tour

This is my tired but trusted Myford ML7.

Accessories for it include 3 & 4 jaw chucks, faceplate, vertical slide, catch plate and the usual assortment of tooling.

I recently purchased a quick change tool post for the lathe and added a saddle lock lever.

I also made a spherical turning attachment.







This is a Dore-Westbury milling machine made by a friend at work.

It came with no dials on the handles and so a Digital Read-out (DRO) system was added. It was made from some cheap Chinese linear scales and a remote read-out unit. A similar unit was added to the quill for Z measurements.

To go with the mill there is a 4" milling vice, clamping set, collet-chuck, angle plates and various cutters.







Materials storage

Bar stock is kept under the lathe in a rack of plastic tubing. The flat material is kept on some racking under the bench










A 6 speed drill press with keyless chuck.









The assembly bench is under the window. This photo was taken during the building of my steam tug.

There is also an arbor press located on the end of this bench.









This is a 3-in-1 sheet metal tool design to fold, cut and roll sheet materials. The capacity is only 12" in width but this is adequate for most requirements.









Finally here is an image of the long bench which also shows the grinder, vice, wall shelving and draw units.