Additional Facilities

The garage is used to house additional machining facilities as well as store the usual house hold paraphernalia.


The garage is primarily used for dirty or dusty jobs such as woodwork and brazing.

Garage Facilities









The Band saw was purchased from Axminster who stock lots of quality power tools and accessories.

This model has 10" (250mm) throat and a maximum cut depth of 5" (125m). The blade is guided by roller bearings above and below the table and is driven by a 350W motor.

The saw is mainly used for woodwork but it is also good at cutting non-ferrous metals (especially sheet metals) with a different blade,

The table has a fence, a mitre fence and it can be tilted up to 50º in one direction for compound angles.









This combination Belt/Disc sander was another Axminster tool. The 8" (200mm) disc and 4" (100mm) wide belt, are powered by a 250W motor.

The tool includes and sanding table with a mitre fence to enable accurate sanding of simple and compound angles. The belt can be tilted to any angle between horizontal and vertical, and the sanding table can be moved for use with the belt as shown below.













The garage has a small workbench with a heavy duty vice. Woodwork assembly is done here.

Under the workbench are stored power and hand tools.









The brazing hearth is a home made design based on a commercial workbench with some fire bricks and Vermiculite tiles to give a fire resistance, heat reflective surface.

Under the brazing bench is a bucket of water for quenching and emergencies !

Above the hearth is a small shelf to hold fluxes, brazing rods and tongs etc… No flammables are located on this shelf for safety reasons.