Model Sports Car

This model car was made as a present and featured a combination of metal and woodwork.

The scale of the model was designed around some Meccano tyres which fitted on 2" wheels.

Model Sports Car









The wheels were turned from 2" diameter aluminium bar. Drilled to take a 5mm axle.









The body was cut from one block of wood and then the cabin section was cut out. This cabin section was hollowed out on the bandsaw and then the parts were stuck back together.









Image showing the off-set axle in the foreground.

The Meccano tyres had some variation in their diameters so the car didn't sit level. To compensate one of the stub axles was turned with an off-set hub. When all the axles were glued in place this final axle was assembled last and orientated to get the car to stand level.









Some metal parts were added and a number was drawn on the bonnet with a marker pen. The steering wheel was fabricated from a turned rim of plastic on some brass spokes. The bumper was a piece of 6mm stainless steel and the radiator grill was cut from an old car speaker mesh.

All the wood parts were finished in oil for a dark smooth finish.









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