Simple Bird box / birdhouse.

This was a very simple wood working project, ideal for a started project. It doesn't use much wood or take long to make.

The wood used here was hardwood off-cuts but sheet wood or softwood could also be used. This bird box was manufactured on the band saw but it could also be made with hand tools.

The thickness of the timber and the accuracy of the joiner need not be first class, just good enough.









Click the CAD image on the right to view the plans for this birdhouse. The plans can of course be scaled up or down to suit.









The front and rear panel profiles were drawn out on the wood or as shown here printed full size and stuck onto the wood.

The wood used was slightly thicker that indicated in the plans.









The front and rear panels were cut on the bandsaw just outside of the marked line and then the sanding disc was used to trim to final size. The mounting hole, perch hole and front door hole were drilled on the pillar drill.

The door was cut slightly oversized because a 35mm hole cutter was handy.









The sides were cut as shown but were slightly too tall to allow for sanding to final size once assembled.

The two sides were glue in place as shown and the assembly clamped tight.









Once the glue had dried the clamps were removed ad the corners were sanded off the sides as shown to make everything flush.

Sanding sides to final height.

Completed sides









The plans called for two sheets of wood to make the roof but no wood of adequate size was available. So a strip of dark wood was cut into a feathered shape, using the bandsaw with the table set over by 10.

The top two boards had their narrow edge sanded to roughly 50 to make a neat ridge shape.

The feathered strips were nailed in place with 3/4" panel pins.









The base was cut and sanded to match the width of the house. It was left long at the front for somewhere to put food.

The base was screwed in place rather than glued just so access would be needed.









To finish - the perch was cut from a 6mm dowel and inserted to the hole in the front. It was finished with some teak oil to make it weather proof.

To mount the house a single screw was used and tightened via the front door using a long screwdriver.