Bandsaw Draw/Box

This bandsaw box differed from the previous design in that it used some additional cuts on the inside "waste" portion of the wood, to create a draw assembly.

Bandsaw box with draw
The oval shape for the box was drawn out using a minor diameter that was 85% of the major diameter. With the flat base this gave a finished box which was 160mm wide and 115mm tall.

The PDF file on the right can be printed to the required scale to copy the profile used here.

Click to print PDF profile
A starting block was laminated from plywood off cuts and finished with some nice dark timber on the front and back sides.

The overall laminated block had to have a height and depth which would fit within the maximum bandsaw cutting depth.

Checking block would fit Bandsaw
The profile was printed to the required size and stuck to the front of the block.
Then the outside profile was cut using a 1/4" bandsaw blade.

Cutting the outside profile
Then a slice was taken from the back of the box. **
Cutting the back of the box
With the back removed the inside profile was cut.

To make this easier the base was cut off completely using the bandsaw fence and then the inside curve was carefully cut using a sharp blade.

Cutting the base
The base was then glued back on to the outer profile ensuring that the laminated layers were lined up.

The previously removed top section of the original laminated block was used to help clamp the parts.

Gluing base on
Whilst the glue for the base was drying the inner blank part had slices removed from each end, to form the front and rear panels for the draw.
Front and rear draw slices
Then the chosen inside profile for the draw was cut out.
Draw profile cut
Next the front and back of the draw assembly were glued back on.
Gluing the draw parts.
When the glue for the base was dry the inside of the box was sanded by hand. Then the back slice which was removed earlier ** was glued back into place and the whole outside sanded smooth to make the box look like it was made from a single piece
To finish - the box was given a coat of Teak oil and a Bakelite handle was fitted from the scrap box.
Finished boxes (warning making bandsaw boxes can be addictive)