Quick Build Sledge.

We don't often get much snow round here so when some did fall - I was asked to make a sledge to make the most of it.

So this design was very basic and was built in one evening. Consequently some of the photos are a bit dark and the quality of the craftsmanship is not great. However the sledge performed well and so is shown here in case a similar one is needed quickly elsewhere.









The runners of the sledge were cut from 25mm thick timber or plywood. The height of the skis was 150mm and the length 750mm. Ideally a 1m length would have made a better proportioned sled but this as all that was available.

The front was radiused and the notch cut to hold the driver's feet.

Runners cut from 25mm plywood









Next 2 cross pieces were cut to set the outside of the runners about 400mm apart. The rear cross brace was flush with the top and front one placed randomly near the front but not too low down.

The braces were held in place with two countersunk screws in each end.









The top deck was made from six 50 x 75mm CLS timber planks. The length of the planks were cut to just overhang the side of the sledge frame slightly. Each plank was drilled and held in place with some decking screws tightened so the heads pulled flush.









To complete the runners metal skids were screwed in underneath. The skids were made from 2mm x 20mm steel strips, but aluminium could also be used.

Screws were fully countersunk into the steel and were spaced about 80mm apart. The front screw was secured first and then the strip was held with a clamp whilst the steel was bent round the wooden runner and screwed in place.

After this the assembled sledge was given a coat of teak oil.









To finish, each runner was drilled at the front to take a 2m length of rope, held at each end with a bow-line hitch.

The sledge wasn't the fastest at the park, but it went well enough. It also received a good number of compliments from other 'sledgers' - some of them with their own home-made designs.

A longer chassis would have been better for 2 person riding but it was otherwise OK.

It was particularly good for pulling youngsters or luggage along through the snow.









At the request of the driver some handles were added at each side.

The handle was an 18mm piece of wooden dowel but a piece of pipe or a broom handle could also be used. The blocks on each end were 75mm tall and 40mm square. They were drilled with a flat bit to suit the handle and then the blocks were screwed onto the deck.











Sledge with side handles fitted











The plans for the sledge can be downloaded by clicking the image on the right.

The plans are amended to give an overall length of 1000mm but the design can be scaled to suit a particular application.

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Sledge Safely !!