Bicycle Sidecar Test

The sidecar was tested away from any traffic on a forest track.


Finish Sidecar









Springs were removed before a passenger run was attempted.

Before the first test run a street test with some ballast showed that the sidecar pitched up and down a lot.

In the end, this was improved on by letting some air out of the sidecar tyre and by replacing the rear mounting springs with rubber shock mounts.

Also - a tarpaulin side panel was added to the cycle so that the passenger's hands wouldn't get caught in the spokes.









The first test with a passenger took place on a forest track and provided the following learning :

  • The weight of the sidecar and passenger were not too much and the cycle handled well.
  • The rough track was not very well absorbed by the sidecar.
  • The gears were low enough for reasonable climbs.
  • The brakes were adequate.
  • A grab handle would be useful for the passenger.
  • The lap part of the seat belt needed to be lower.
  • The boot was plenty large enough for some tools, water and basic supplies.

Unfortunately the test run had to be cut short because one of the pivot bolts came lose and the tools had been left at the car.

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Boot loaded up









A second test run on a paved surface proved to be100% successful.

The sidecar travelled well on the smooth surface and the grab handle and seat belt adjustments were just right.



View from the sidecar