SAAB 96 V4 - Tappet Adjustment.

This document describes a process which can be used to adjust the tappets on the V4 engine.

This process should be carried out with the engine cold.

Tappets on right hand cylinder bank.









Easier access is afforded to the engine with the bonnet removed. This just required the removal of the two R-clips at the bonnet hinges and unplugging of the washer tube.

The spark plugs were also removed from each cylinder to enable the engine to be turned over by hand more easily.









The airbox and rocker covers were removed.

The rocker covers each had five 10mm screws, best accessed using a socket on an extension bar (arrowed).

The LHS rocker cover also has a breather tube to be undone.

With all the bolts removed both covers were removed taking care not to damage the gasket.









Without compression, the engine can be turned by pushing on the fan belt or by using a 17mm socket on the balance shaft pulley.

As the engine is turned and the rockers press the valves, a rule of diagonal opposites can be applied. So when valve 1 is activated, valve 8 can be adjusted. When valve 2 is down the valve 7 can be adjusted, and so on.

This process can be followed until valve 8 is active and then valve 1 can be adjusted.

Colour valves show diagonal opposites.









The inner rockers operate the exhaust valves. The outer ones are the inlet.

Exhaust Valves should have a clearance of 0.4mm and the inlet 0.35mm.

Adjustment was made by turning the adjustment bolt on the back of the rocker. There are no lock nuts, the bolts just use and interference thread.

The bolt should be turned until the feeler gauges are a friction/sliding fit in the gap.

Checking the valve clearance.











The diagram below shows the location of each tappet and the required clearance.











The original cork gaskets on the rocker covers can be replaced with high quality silicone copies from Real Gaskets. These have been fitted to this car for many years and they are not only reusable, but aren't so susceptible to leaking.

When replacing the covers the bolts should be tightened in sequence and only just tight enough. Over tightening can deform the covers and cause oil leaks.