Saab 96 - Fitting Spot Lamps

Two 5" Lucas spotlights were fitted to the front bumper and wired in parallel with the main beam switch.

The lamps were secured to the top of the front bumper by drilling two 8mm holes. The location was chosen so that they didn't obstruct the main lamps or the airflow through the radiator.









The lamps were wired via a fuse and a relay so that they would operate with the main beam. The relay was wired via a switch so that there was the option to use the lamps or not. The switch was put in place of the dashboard light dimmer as this didn't work anyway. A push pull switch was used but the original dimmer knob was made to fit to keep things looking right.

















The lamps were adjusted on a quiet road at night. The improvement in light levels was noticeable. It was found that the main lamps lit up distant objects satisfactorily so the spotlamps were adjusted to light the road closer to the car.