Saab 96 V4

My daily transport. A standard 1971 Saab 96 V4, in toreador red.

The links below include some Saab history and general information plus some simple restoration work, which has been carried out on this car.

1971 Saab 96 V4

Saab 96 introducion Technical Specifications
2009 MSA Classic 2012 Daffodil Run
Goodwood Revivial 2012 2012 Autumn Leaves Classic 

Fitting Spotlights Headlamp Wash-wipe System
Remaking the Glovebox Rust Proofing Cabin Floor
Remaking Boot Floor Remaking Parcel Shelf
Fixing a Gearbox Leak Rust Proofing Engine Bay
Fitting an Electric Fan Fixing the Temperature Gauge
Fitting contactless Ignition Fitting intermittent Wipers
Trying Winter Tyres Waterpump Replacement
Making a Map Pocket Adjusting Tappets
Replacing the Clutch Retro Fitting Modern Indicator Unit
Replacing Ball JointsServicing the Heater Fan