Saab 96 - Headlamp wash/wipe system

When manufactured, the Saab 96 was offered with the option of a headlamp Wash/wipe system.

A genuine Saab 96 headlamp washing kit was purchased from EBay.









These photos show the kit contents.









The relays were connected to the wiring loom provided and were mounted on the bulkhead in the ready made holes.

Next the wiring loom was integrated to the car wiring loom, using the spare connectors already in place in the car.









Click to view instructions

The grill of the car was removed and the linkages installed as per the instructions. Click the image on the left to view the full instructions.









The mode of operation was not quite as expected. It was presumed that the headlamp wipers would only come on with the control switch in the last position (Position 4) but they seem to come on in the 3rd position giving :

    • Position 1 - Off.
    • Position 2 - Slow wipe.
    • Position 3 - Fast wipe, plus headlamp wipers.
    • Position 4 - Fast wipe, plus headlamp wipers, plus continuous washers.
      • Pulling the control give washers and headlamp wipe.

This meant the wipers couldn't be used on fast, without the headlamps wiping too.









The Solution to the operating sequence proved to be simple. The modified wiring is shown below

The relay number 1 was removed and so connection 87a was plugged straight into connection 85 on the second relay. The diode was now surplus and was also removed. This new circuit was much simpler and only operated the headlamp washers and wipers, when the screen wash was activated or the wiper switch was in position 4 (continuous wash).

Wash / wipe in action.