Saab 96 - Fixing a Gearbox Leak

The gearbox had a leak on one of the output shafts so while the engine was out the car, this was investigated.


Removal of the output shaft showed that it had corroded where the gearbox seal was located. This corrosion had worn the seal so a new seal was purchased.









To fix the shaft an axle repair kit was purchased from Barnwell Services to give the seal a new surface to run on. The repair kit was a stainless steel ring made of shim material 0.2mm thick. This ring was a push fit on the shaft and was positioned to give the seal a new running surface. The flange used to drive on the shim was then peeled off along the pre-cut line.

Shaft fixing kit installed

New shaft shim shown on the left.


 With this modification the original seal could still be used even though the shaft was now slightly oversized. 

A recheck after 3000 miles confirmed the leak as still fixed.