Saab 96 - Painting the engine Bay

The engine bay was checked for rust and given a new coat of paint.

The condition of the bay is shown on the right after the engine and gearbox were removed.









The old paint and rust were stripped back and a coat of POR 15 paint was applied to the rusty areas to prevent any further corrosion. Finally a coat of red paint was added.

The sanding uncovered one hole at the back of the engine bay which was welded up.









Before the engine was re-fitted a stainless exhaust was purchased from 'Sterling Exhausts'. The photos below show the contrasts between the 2 exhausts. The old exhaust had to be cut from the car.

Original Exhaust

New Stainless exhaust system









While the engine was out, it was cleaned and painted with some enamel paint. Some of the brackets and ancillaries were also painted.

Engine before cleaning and painting

Engine after cleaning and painting









To complete the rebuild the valve stem oil seals were replaced. This was done without removing the cylinder head by packing the bore with string and winding each piston up to hold the valves in place. Then a lever tool was used to press the valve springs down and remove the collets and springs. However it was found necessary to strip all the rockers of the rocker shaft to gain enough access with the tool.

Photo showing old and new valve stem seals