Saab 96 - Fitting a Delayed Wiper System

The Saab was fitted with the 'SmartScreen' delayed wiper module.

This system used the existing switch controls for the wipers and had a variable delay of between 3 and 30 seconds.

The contents of the kit are shown on the right and included not only the electronics but also the connectors needed and detailed instructions.

For more information see the SmartScreen website.

The Kit contents









5 connections were made to the SmartScreen electronics.

  • +12v
  • 0v - earth
  • Wiper Park connection
  • Connection to the wiper switch
  • Connection from the wiper switch

In this 1971 Saab the red wire at the switch needed to be connected to the input to the SmartScreen box.









However a new wire would also need to be threaded back up to the switch, so before pulling the old red wire out, a new wire was soldered to it so it could be pulled through.

An alternative would just be to cut the red wire and insert the SmartScreen system but doing this would make putting the car back into its original state more difficult, it would also leave the wires very short.









The power for the SmartScreen system was taken from the wiper fuse in the fusebox which was ignition live and already had a piggy-back connector to work from.


The system worked first time.

The delay was set by doing a single wipe, and then a second single wipe after the required delay. Then the SmartScreen would continue to wipe at this frequency even though the wiper switch was in the off position. This would continue, until the wipers were either put on continuous or given another single flick. The delayed could also be modified to a different frequency at any time by doing another 2 flicks at the required delay.


To finish the electronics were secured to the car interior using a double-sided sticky pad.