Honda Rear Shock Disassembly Tool

This tool was made so the rear shock absorbers of the Honda S90 could be dismantled for repair and repainting.

The Genuine Honda tool was expensive so this was designed as a cheap alternative.

The tool was made from a 1m length of 12mm threaded rod, two 8mm steel plates and some off-cuts of steel angle.









This spring compressor tool had the top plate designed so that the top mounting point could pass through it but the coloured plastic sleeve could not. This hole had to be about 46mm in diameter. The bottom plate had a mounting to hold the bottom of the shock in place.

Click the image on the right to see a CAD sketch of the tool used here.









This image shows the top plate being bored on the lathe. The final hole diameter was 46mm.

The wooden backing was used to protect the faceplate and two 12mm bolts were used to secure the steel plate to the faceplate.

Finally a cork protection strip was glued in place under the top plate to avoid damaging the plastic shroud.









The bottom plate had the same 2 holes drilled for the 12mm threaded rod. It also had 2 bits of steel angle bolted to it to form a 'U' shape support for the bottom of the shock absorber.

The 'U' shape was drilled 12mm through, to take the lower support dowel.









These side-by-side photos show the compressor in use.

When the spring was compressed access was gained to the lock nut at the top, enabling the top mounting point to be removed.

It was found that even with the spring compressed, the top mount had to be pulled out to expose the lock nut.











This photograph shows a reconditioned and an original rear shock assembly.



The tool could be improved by adding a third plate to the top which, would be the same as the bottom plate. This would allow the top mounting point to be extracted precisely using the same 12mm threaded rod, rather than having to pull it out manually.