Toy Tug Boat.

This page shows a design for a toy tug boat made from wood.

It was designed to be used as an indoor toy but also to float so it could be used as a bath toy or outside in the pond.

Photoshop of the tug out on the lake.









Some plans can be downloaded by clicking the image on the right.

Getting the hull shape to look right can be difficult so the plans include a template which can be printed to a length of 250mm (full size).

Click for plans









With the template stuck to the top piece of wood, the inside profile was cut on the bandsaw and tidied with a drum sander.

The cut started from outside of the part and so it was made along the grain so that the gap could be glued back together afterwards without the join showing.

Hull with the inside profile cut and glued back together.









Hull Blank

The hull was made from 3 pieces of wood laminated together. The darker piece of wood in the middle was used to form a contrasting water line on the outside of the hull and also set the colour of the deck.

Once the top part had had the inside removed, it was glued to the bottom two piece of wood to make the hull blank.









Next the outside of the hull was cut as shown. Originally the hull was to have vertical sides but a defect in the wood at the bow meant it had to be sanded at an angle just on the front to make it good.









To cut the top profile of the hull, half the outside had to be put back in place to give the bandsaw something to cut against. This is important for a safe cut.

So half the outside was put back in place using masking tape. Then the top profile was cut and sanded.










The cabin sections were cut and sanded to shape.

The port holes were added using a milling cutter in the pillar drill.

The roof parts were cut from thin dark wood, to a profile 2mm greater than the cabin parts. The exception to this was the front edge of the lower roof which was cut flush to butt up against the front wheelhouse.









He cabin parts were glued in place and drilled to take the smoke stack and mast. The hole for the rear mooring cleat was also cut.










The funnel was made by glueing some wood off-cuts together an then turning them on the lathe to get the finished shape.

For a simpler funnel a piece of dowel the correct diameter could been used.









To finish, the mast was glued in place and topped with a comercial wooden ball, drilled on the lathe. The whole boat was then given two coats of Teak oil.