Making a Ramp Walking Toy.

Credit to this design goes to Roberto Lou Ma. Roberto is a retired civil engineer who has in interest in cartoons, working toys and automata.

This page is a brief write up of the building of a walking Rhino.

Ramp Walking Rhino



If you would like to access plans for this design, please visit Dug North's Automata BLOG at :

Dug presents the plans in full size PDF files so that they can be printed full size and stuck to the wood for cutting out.

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The plans were printed out and placed on a piece of 1.25" timber.

The actual thickness is not critical but the parts shown should be made from the same piece.

The sides were made using the same method but from a darker timber because that was al that was available.









The rhino's horn was cut from a piece of 15mm doweling.

The ears were made from the same dowel but cut at an oblique angle.

The legs were joined together with a hinge and then sanded so that they were a free running fit between the rhino sides.









To finish eyes were added, made from 1mm dowel and a small square piece for a tail.

The rhino was coated in linseed oil on all faces except the feet which would be required not to slip on the ramp.









The rhino walked well, but would always stop part way down the ramp.

The problem was eventually identified as too much friction between the feet and the ramp sides.

To correct this, the profile shown was added to the ramp sides and this produced good results. This detail was actually specified on the original plans, but had been left out in error.