Toy Garage

This toy garage was made as a present and was built to an approximate scale of 1:43, a popular scale for many brands of toy cars.


Toy Garage









The garage plan included a roof top parking lot, a service bay, fuel pumps, a shop and a showroom.

It was also planned to add some lighting to the model.

Click the image on the right to download a zip of the plans. 5 Drawings in Jpeg format.

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The base and main construction of the garage was made from plywood. 9mm thick for the base and 5mm thick for the walls. The base had some ramps sanded into using a sanding disc on the electric drill, at the exit and entrance points.


Basic garage structure with model car shown for scale









The base and inside walls of the garage were treated with sanding sealer and then painted with primer and 2 coats of grey enamel paint. Light sanding was used between coats to give a smooth finish.

The service bay end of the garage was painted with some light blue on the upper half of the walls.

The showroom end had some mirrored plastic added to 2 walls.









Seven 3 volt 'grain of wheat' bulbs were added to the structure secured in place using hot-melt glue. The bulbs were wired in parallel to be powered by two 2.5v AA batteries and wired via a toggle switch on the rear of the model.









The outside of the walls were coated in brick paper. Watered down PVA glue was found to be the best adhesive to use.

The upper deck and ramp were painted in matt black paint and glued in place.

Clear 0.2mm plastic was used to make the 'Pay Desk' window and the showroom glass.









Self adhesive 'TrimLines' were used to add straight line details where needed such as round the edge of the canopy and across the showroom window.









To finish some garage stickers were added stickers from Hobby UK.

Petrol pumps were made from 2 blocks of wood shaped and glued together.









TrimLines were also used to mark out the parking bays on the roof. Originally it was planned to put a row of diagonal parking slots, but the width of the building wasn't enough, so just a few bays were marked out where possible whilst still allowing cars to get past. 

Parking bay layout and view of access ramp.

Typical parking bay with Hillman Avenger Tiger (click for large image)



The garage looked great at night (click to enlarge)


It was later discovered that the scale of the garage was about right for miniature Lego men. Here is a lego breakdown truck outside the recovery bay.