2 More Flatbed Trucks

After the Success of the first flatbed truck, orders for 2 more were taken, for Christmas gifts.

2 Flatbed Trucks









To Save some time, these trucks didn't have the optional side panels fitted to the decks. They also had a spare wheel fitted instead of the second fuel tank - again to reduce construction time.

Spare wheel









Both trucks were made primarily from Oak with mahogany load deck and detailed features. The exhaust stacks were made shorter than specified, as they were presents for very young children.

The trucks were slightly different in appearance. The one shown on the left was exactly to the plans. The one on the right had body-coloured fenders and European style headlights.

















Both trucks were equip with different loads for the different customers.

The trucks looked good, finished in 3 coats of satin vanish. Unfortunately this highlighted areas where excess glue had been used so extra sanding had to be done, to remove the glue.









The flatbed trucks were difficult to beat in terms of the variety of loads they could haul. Here are a few ideas

Tanks of Beans









Large Pipes

Wooden Blocks











Flatbed Convoy read for Christmas