More Wooden Trucks

Here are some more wooden trucks to designs by Les Neufeld.

Plans for all of these models are available in his book 'Tremendous Toy Trucks'.

Some comments about the trucks are included below.

18 Wheeled Articulated Truck









18 wheel Truck

The 18 Wheeled truck was very impressive being 30" in total length. There were also plans for a flatbed trailer included in the book, which could be fitted to the same cab.









The timber used to construct the tractor unit was Pitch Pine for the light parts and Mahogany for the darker components.


The wheels were 2" diameter purchased parts from Woodworks Craft Supplies.

The trailer was constructed from Modelling plywood.

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Tipper Truck

The tipper truck was the first one to be finished in Linseed oil. This was found to be the best and easiest finish to use when compared with varnish or wax.

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Log Carrying Truck

The log truck was fitted with a separate grill and bumper assembly. This enabled different coloured woods to be used for the cab and chassis parts, without leaving an obvious line across the front.

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This truck was also the first one to be fitted with domed headlights which were purchased parts from Woodworks Craft Supplies. They required a 10mm socket to be drilled in each fender and were glued in place.

The low loader truck was another large truck.

The cab was made from oak and featured a sleeper and fitted fairings.

Low loader - carrying flatbed truck (click to enlarge).









The holes in the sides of the trailer were drilled on the pillar drill.

The table was swung out of the way and the edge used as a guide to ensure all the holes were in a line.

The breakdown truck used the same cab assembly as the tipper and flatbed trucks. The chassis was also similar.

The winch system employed a novel crank which prevented accidental unwinding during towing, without resorting to complicated ratchets.

Breakdown truck on duty - Click for larger image









The hook was cut on the scroll saw. The blank part was 5 pieces of very thin modelling ply, glued together to make a total thickness of 6mm.


Cutting the hook on the scroll saw

Completed hook profile

You can't have too many trucks