Digital Read-out for the ML7 Tailstock

My old ML7 tailstock barrel had no graduations on it and so I modified an old (blunt) caliper to be used as a DRO, so that holes could be drilled to specific depths. The pictures below show all the details.


Tailstock DRO

Mounting Detail


The old caliper had the jaws carefully removed using an angle grinder. The readout was then mounted on a piece of 1.5mm aluminium plate.

The top of the tailstock was machined in the mill to provide a small flat area where the readout could be secured. Then a collar was machined out of thicker aluminium plate, which was bored to be a snug fit on the tailstock barrel. A securing grub screw was used on the back face (not shown) to hold the collar in place.

Once the scale was mounted on the barrel clamp and assembled, a measurement was taken between the aluminium mounting plate under the readout and the machined flat area. Finally a bush was turned to this length to support the readout. The bolt which went through the bush had to have its head machined down to fit under the sliding part of the scale.