A Nutcracker

This project was a bit last minute - made as a Christmas present a week before Christmas.

This was the drawing for this project - click for a larger image.

Nutcracker Drawing



The base was supposed to be one solid block of aluminium but no material this thick was available to hand. So a sandwich of 2 bits of aluminium plate and a thick brass off-cut was used. This was then machined as one to make a nice decorative base.

To finish a strip of cork was stuck to the underside.

The columns were turned from brass rod and were machined to be a matching pair.

A fine 32tpi thread was used on the main clamp to give the tool good leverage.

The handle was made from steel and brass components, which were glued together with super-glue.











I tested the design on a tough looking walnut and it worked OK

In the end it was not a very accurate piece of work but it was functional and a presentable item.

A lot of machining was done by eye including the matching of the columns and the angles on the beam however it was a much appreciated present.