Building the Stuart No.1 Steam Engine

This page details how a Stuart No 1 Steam engine was made in the workshop. Each of the thumbnails below links to a page describing how the part was made.

The order of the links roughly describes the order parts were made.





Please note that 4 parts to this document were lost due to a computer crash. These chapters are marked with a ** and contain less details than the other pages.

Finished Stuart Engine








1. Box Bed

2. Sole Plate

3. Cylinder

4. Top Cylinder End Cover

5.Lower Cylinder End Cover

6. Piston and Piston Rod

7. Engine Standard

8. Steam Chest and Cover

9. Assembly Check 1

10. Valve and Valve Rod **

11. Crankshaft

12. Connecting Rod

13. Main Bearings

14. Eccentric and Strap **

15. Cross Head and Bolt **

16. Flywheel **

17.Cylinder Lagging **

Page not available

18. Column and Small Parts

19. testing and Problems





























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