Stuart No 1 - Column and Small Parts

The unions and gland clamps were all made in the same way.









They were first machined back and front using the 4-jaw chuck. The face with the bush sticking out of it was machined last so that the drilling and reaming or threading could all be done in one setting.

The pillar drill was then used to add the two mounting holes.









To get the unions to the correct final shape some filing buttons were machined from silver steel which was then heat treated to make them hard. The buttons for the small holes had external threads which could be used to hold them in place. The filing button for the centre feature was held in place with a nut and bolt.

With the filing buttons in place the part could be accurately formed to the final shape.









The plans called for the column to be machined from a solid - a rather wasteful idea.

So this part was fabricated. A rough shape was created using a rod of bright mild steal cut to length and threaded at one end to fit a foot which was cut from the column material provided. These 2 parts were then brazed together.

Then it was a simple case of turning between centres to get the final shape. The only critical distance being between the base and the top of the upper shoulder which is what gives the engine the support. To keep it simple, this column was turned parallel which avoided the need to upset the centred position of the tailstock.





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