Stuart No 1 - Steam Chest and Cover

The steam chest was machined in the lathe using the 4 jaw chuck. and


The steam chest casting was cleaned up with a file and then mounted in the 4 jaw chuck with one of the large sides facing out. This face was skimmed and then the casting was reversed and the opposite side was slimmed.









The other faces were machined using a similar set up as shown on the right.

The dimensions taken from the port face dimensions of the cylinder to ensure things would look right.

A extra 0.5mm of material was left on the two longer sides to make the cylinder lagging fit flush.

The last face to be machined was the face which had extra material to support the valve rod. This face was centred about a measured centre point and the faced flat. In the same setting the hole was centre drilled, drilled and reamed to size.

The steam inlet hole was done on the drill press as it was less critical.

Use very light cuts in this set up









The steam chest cover required more work with the 4 jaw chuck. I skimmed the front and back faces using packing where necessary to machine a plate of the right thickness.



I chose to finish the side of the cover the vertical slide was used for quickness.









Finally the holes were marked out in an even spacing on the back of the cover and then drilled through. The cover was then used as a template to drill the steam chest, which in turn was used as a template to drill the cylinder casting.





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