Stuart No 1 - Assembly Check 1

At this point in construction the parts machined so far were assembled, to see how well they fitted together.

All the major castings were complete with the exception of the flywheel.

Very few problems were found. The piston was a slightly scratchy fit in the bore but this would bed in with time. The cylinder cover holes had to be enlarged by 0.1mm to provide an easier fit on the studs. The holes in the bottom of the standard were also opened out by 0.2mm to give enough movement to square things up. The holes in the steam chest had to be opened by about 0.5mm to get a nice fit. This last problem was made worse by the steam chest studs being over an inch long, so any slight angular error was magnified.

One more serious concern was that the piston rod was not parallel with the front of the standard. Measurement showed that the error was in the top face of the standard. This was corrected re-machining.













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