Simple Oscillating Steam Engine - Base Plate

The Base was very simple and had no critical dimensions.

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The plans give some suggested dimensions but anything close would do just as well.









This base was made from an off cut of steel plate, but any metal or even wood would be acceptable. The base should be reasonably thick to take the frame mounting screws which are accessed underneath.

The mounting holes and rounded corners are also optional, however the holes maybe useful if the engine was to be mounted on a larger base as part of a steam plant, or in a model boat perhaps.









Each of the holes was measured and marked out carefully before being centre punched and then drilled to final size. The centre punch was lined up with the use of a magnifying glass for greater accuracy. When drilling the holes, a small drill was used first to 'find' the centre punch mark (typically about2.5mm diameter) and then progressively larger drills were used in steps of about 0.2mm, until the final size was reached. This should be produce holes in the correct location.









The holes for the frame were marked out, drilled and countersunk from underneath.