Restoring a Mamod Minor MK1 Steam Engine

This Mamod Minor steam engine had been in the loft for years and was in need of a tidy up. This was one of the MK 1 engines, an early offering from the Mamod range, with a spirit burner.

These models are not rare with nearly 250,000 units produced, but they are nice little engines none the less.









Two images showing the steam plant in its original condition.









The plant was disassembled by removing the boiler retaining strap.

The firebox and base had been painted previously in non-original colours and so this paint was removed with chemical paint stripper.









The firebox was painted with heat resistant paint designed for use on Bar-B-Q's. This was then baked in the oven at 180 for 15 minutes to help it cure.









The base was missing a locating feature for the burner, so a part was fabricated and soldered in place.

Then the base was painted with red enamel paint.

Base showing burner holding detail









The fuel tank was also re-painted, the same colour as the standard

Fuel tank painted

Standard painted


To finish, the flywheel was painted and trued up on the lathe. The inside of the smokestack was painted red and a new securing strap was cut from copper sheet.









The finished model