Display Engine

This engine was called a "Display engine" because it was planned to make it look good enough to be a static model, as well as a working engine.

A Display Engine

Click to view a video of the engine running.

The boiler was very similar to the first steam engine made being 150mm in length and externally fired. The engine was an oscillating design but this time it was double acting so it had 2 power strokes per revolution of the crank. 

The holes along both sides of the pressure vessel were added later as they were found to be required to make the fire burn satisfactorily. The smokestack was not actually connected to the firebox, but it did contain the steam exhaust from the engine.

All the materials used were brass, bronze, copper or painted steel, to give a smart appearance. The engine also had proper unions for all the pipes, which made assembly easier. The regulator was home-made and worked well, although the hand wheel was a little crude.


(Click to view engine schematic)