Steam Generating Plant


This photo shows the completed plant. The main features were the Stuart 10H engine on the left, a horizontal boiler with gas burner and a gas cylinder and water tower on the right.


Steam Generating Plant


The boiler was a horizontal return tube boiler. This design had both the fire box and smoke box located at the front of the boiler drum. The fire was placed under the front half of the pressure vessel and the hot gasses would pass to the back of the firebox and return to the front via the fire tubes.

This picture give a clearer view of the design

The boiler had a total of 12 fire tubes and design pressure of 60psi.

Other fittings for the boiler included a pressure gauge, water gauge, blower valve, safety valve, super heater and water feed heater

To view the boiler design and calculations please see Drawings Page








The engine was made from a Stuart 10 Casting kit.

This was the horizontal version of the Stuart 10. The engine had a bore and stroke of 3/4" (19mm) and a flywheel diameter of 3" (75mm). It would run up to 3000rpm, but was most happy at about 800rpm.


The dynamo for the plant was made from an old tape player motor. The motor was mounted in a housing made from scrap material.

The dynamo was designed to be driven by the flywheel and the pulley diameters were calculated to give speeds of 3200 and 4800rpm with the engine running at 800rpm.



The Dynamo was designed to light 2 lamps mounted on the model. There was a tall, floor mounted lamp next to the dynamo and a second lamp mounted on the front of the water tower.

The image on the left shows the completed tall lamp. It was made from off cuts of brass hex bar, round bar and tube. It stands 8" tall.




The water tower is shown here before painting.

The underside was fitted with 2 outlets, one for an engine driven pump and one for a manual top-up pump.

An old water gauge was attached to the side of the tank to give a water level reading.





Engine Detail


Plant in Operation - Press for a video warning 8MBytes