Steam Tug Finishing Details and Super Structure






This image shows the tug hull with all the working parts installed

The super structure was fabricated using a mixture of wood, plasti-card, some model boat fittings and some odd scraps of material.

Parts were assembled with Superglue for initial location and then strengthened with a fillet of epoxy resin. All the construction was done in situ on the hull, to ensure a good fit to the deck.

My fine-scale modelling skills are not first class, but more important to me was that the structure should be robust and light.



The final finishing touches included some basic rigging, a cover for the gas cylinder, some navigation lights some car tyres on each side and some rope fenders front and back.


The model was painted in sanding sealer to hide the wood grain, it was then sprayed with a mixture of red oxide primer and satin black car paint.

The chosen colour scheme was somewhat basic but it was not far from being quite authentic. These tugs were build during the war and so the materials and paint were limited and the finish was a little rough around the edges - just like my model !

The wooden deck was also not true to life as these tugs were made from steel, however I felt the wood added some texture and colour to the model.