Simple Wooden Boat Hull

This wooden hull was designed to be simple to make. The flat bottom and vertical sides meant that the wood only had to be bent in one axis.

This example was built from hardwood but softwood or plywood could be used instead.

The actual dimensions are not important but this hull measured approximately 700mm long by 140mm wide and 100mm deep.

Waterproof glue was used throughout.









First the base of the hull was cut to shape from 12mm wood using the bandsaw. Then some bulkheads and a block for the bow were glued in place.




These were left wider than the hull base and then trimmed to match the base profile once the glue had dried.









At the stern of the boat a raised section was glued in place to give clearance for the propellers. The back panel was also put in place. On this model the back was swept forward as shown but it could be made vertical for simplicity, none of the angles were critical.

As with the bulkheads the parts were glued in place wider than base and then cut to match the base profile.









The sides of the boat were cut from 8mm thick wood.

Relief cuts were added across the sections which would need to bend around the hull shape.

Both sides were glued in place along the straight sides and towards the stern. The front sections were left free at this stage.

Multiple clamps and a vice were used to hold the assembled parts until the glue had dried.

Relief cuts









The images above show the sides and rear of the boat glued in place and the front still open.









To form the bow, one side was glued in place first and then this was trimmed to match the base profile. Then the second side was glued in place as shown here.









The second side was trimmed and sanded to match the base, leaving an off-set bow join.









At the stern the sides were cut and sanded to match the profile of the rear sections.










The finished Hull