Gauge 1 Steam Locomotive - 'Girton'

Girton was a Gauge 1 locomotive designed by LBSC.

It was based on the UK southern railway 'schools class' locomotives built in the 1930's. It was a tender locomotive with a 4-4-0 wheel configuration.












The real Schools Class locomotives

The Southern Railways "Schools" class was introduced in 1930 and was designed to cope with the severe gradients and curves of the some of the railways in the southeast. The locomotives were based on the larger 4-6-0 "Lord Nelson" class engines which themselves were too large for the southern railway company.

They were designed by Richard Maunsell.

The new "Schools" proved to be a cheap and reliable eventually replacing the larger engines on the line.










The Girton Model

This gauge 1 model was designed by LBSC. It was a scaled down version of a 3.5" gauge 4-4-0 locomotive called 'Roedean' also by LBSC. It designed with 2 outside, double-acting cylinders; the valves being driven by inside eccentrics. Reversing was achieved with slip eccentrics to minimise valve gear and reduce the number of controls needed in the cab.

The boiler was spirit fired with water tubes and a blower valve.

The 6-wheeled tender was designed to hold a spirit tank with feed system, and a water tank with hand pump to fill the boiler under pressure.

Update 2019 -Part way through this build the model was changed. Having made the tender, there were clearance problems found with the valve gear.  As a result the engine was changed to an 0-6-0 design as described in the Gauge 1 Model Engineering booklet called "The Projct".











  • Replacement Locomotive





  • Boiler & fittings





  • Finishing

  • Testing