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This page lists the videos, which can be found throughout the site.

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2 Movies of the stirling engine. One showing it running and the other showing at full speed.


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Short video of Dickens (a small O gauge locomotive) steaming passed.

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A video of a Stuart 10V steam engine running on compressed air.

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A video of the simple oscillating engine running on compressed air.

A video of the simple engine project running on steam.

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This is a video of the Stuart 10H steam generating plant, showing the engine and the working lights.

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Video of the display engine running on steam.

Powered by a double acting oscillating cylinder.


Video of a 1/3rd scale Robinson hot air engine running for the first time

A video of the first test drive on my Honda S90

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A movie of the Honda S90 once it was roadworthy

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Video of the Stuart Victoria running on compressed air.
Saab 96 V4 in the snow.
It's where every Saab likes to be.

A movie about bying some bread.........
..........on a VeloSoleX
Motorcycle tour of Scotland in the summer of 2020.
1500 miles, 3 breakdowns, 1 pucnture, 1 fall, 1 fire! and some rain.

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