Drawing Index

Following some requests, this page lists the drawings and plans, which can be found throughout the site.

Some are hand sketches, some CAD models etc... but hopefully they are useful.

Display Engine

A simple 150mm pot boiler with oscillating engine

Stirling Engine

A Vee-configuration engine with a 1" power piston. Based on a design by James Rizzo

Horizontal Fire-Tube Boiler

A simple sketch with the calculations involved in boiler design

Steam Tug Engine

Twin cylinder vertical oscillating engine with reversing valve

A Simple Safety Valve

Credit for this design goes to the late, great Tubal Cain


 Novelty item

An 0-6-0 Electric Gauge 1 locomotive

A simple electric shunter based on the British Rail class 03

Simple Toy Garage made from wood

Dersigned for 1:43 scale cars

Bedside Light with Wooden Locomotive

A static model of a freelance 0-4-0 locomotive

MK1 - Simple Oscillating Steam engine (PDF)

Project for beginners. No brazing or castings

Simple Boiler for the Simple Oscillating engine above

Project for beginners and designed to fit a steam launch.

Luggage rack for the Honda S90 made from steel pipe

Made from 12mm and 14mm steel tubing

Tool to enable Honda rear shock absorbers to be dismantled

Simple tool made from standard threaded rod and metal plate

Plans for a simple child's tricycle

All metal construction with minimum pipe bending.

A very simple birdhouse.

Great beginner's woodworking project

Wooden Toy Spitfire

Very simple Spitfire made from 2D wooden profiles

Wooden toy tug boat

Zip file includes hull template.

Traditional small child's ride-on toy

Plan from


Quick Build Sledge

Nice and easy to make.

Use at you own risk ! and Sledge Safely

Wooden toy Tractor

Wooden tractor with tow hitch

Boiler Test PumpDrawings for a hydraulic test pump.